Monday, December 28, 2009


(Julie and I enjoying a ski day at Mt. Hood Meadows.  The views where great and the sun was shining.)

I know that this post is super overdue, but life has been keeping me busy, sadly in mostly the wrong ways.  The big things lately is the fact that somehow I'm still sick:(  I'm really hoping I shake this thing sometime soon as my fitness goals keep getting pushed back.  The other big news is that the Next Adventure Paddlesports shop is again moving to a new location.  The real estate deal fell through on our current place and we are moving one block up the street.  We are closed this week, for 4 days, and moving EVERYTHING in that period of time.  It's going to be a long week!

I did get to go home for Thanksgiving this year and had a really great time catching up with all the family.  Pretty much everyone was there and it was really good to catch up with everyone back home.  Julie had grad school and couldn't make it back east for Thanksgiving, but is back east now for the Christmas/New Years break.  She is really enjoying her family time and is getting a fun little vacation in NY city with the family right now.

Between bouts of being sick, and while being sick, I've gotten out and played a bit.  I've gotten a few days in at the rock climbing gyms, two days of kayaking, one day of snowboarding, and four days of skiing.  The snow has been good up on Mt. Hood and I'm working hard on my skiing skills this year.  I'm excited to get out on my new skis, that I bought with my Christmas money from my parents, as soon as they arrive.

Julie has been really busy as well.  Her BIG job lately has been keeping up with the work and schedule of grad school.  She managed to get through her first semester with straight As!!!  She has been working hard and I'm so proud of her.  She has also been keeping up with her Crossfit twice a week, offseason dragon boating practice, and a few nights at the climbing gym in between everything else:)

Julie and I both want to wish everyone a happy and healthy holiday.  Please do keep in touch.

(I love taking photos from plane windows.  This shot was taken on the way back to PDX from MD after Thanksgiving.)

(The rivers have been low and/or frozen lately, but I did manage one really good day of boating.  This is my friend Luke boofing the waterfall on Hagen Creek.)

(This is the "old," only been in this space for 3 months, paddlesports center.  Expect some shots from the "new" paddlesports center in the next post.)

(Julie showing me her Christmas cheer by surprising me with this cool hand made tree decorated with cool things from around the house and my presents.  The lighting was really cool with candles, headlamps, and bike flashers!)

(I went for a ski trip in my own on Christmas day.  The bluebird skies and amazing views made for a great morning on the slopes.  Jana, a kayaking friend of mine, hosted an amazing dinner party that evening for "strays and orphans".  Overall a fun day, but I did miss the family.)