Sunday, October 26, 2008

Julie in OR!

(Julie and I enjoying a little hike at Indian Beach)

This past week Julie came for a visit in OR.  We had a great week exploring Northwestern Oregon.  We got a chance to check out the coast, Portland, and the Hood River area.  It was really great to have Julie back on the mainland and enjoying the amazing fall weather in Oregon.  We are still working out the details to again combine our lives on an everyday level, but we both have a number of decisions to make.  For now Julie is enjoying her life in HI and I'm still working on finding a new career on the mainland.  I'm now in Iowa attending my Grandmothers Memorial/Funeral, more on that next week.

(Indian Beach on an amazing Fall day in Oregon, 60 degrees and sunny!)
(The lighthouse off Tillimook Head, OR.)
(Julie and I enjoying the sunset on the "Prom" in Seaside, OR.)
(Sea lions taking a nap in Astoria, OR.)
(Julie staying warm while enjoying the sea lions in Astoria.)
(It has been awhile since Julie has seen leaves!  This is a great overlook in the Columbia River Gorge.)
(One of the many waterfalls we got to check out in the "gorge".)
(Julie and I enjoying Bridal Veil Falls.)
(Julie at Multnomah Falls, the second largest waterfall in the US.)
(Julie feeding the alpaca on the "Fruit Loop" drive outside Hood River, OR.)
(Julie enjoying a beautiful fall day at a local Hood River fruit stand with Mt. Hood in the background.)
(Julie in a really cool ravine on the Southeast side of Mt. Hood.)

Monday, October 20, 2008

Sad to Say Goodbye:(

(This is my Grandma Devol kissing me on the cheek the night before she passed away.)

The really sad news this week was the passing of my Grandmother.  She was an absolutely amazing woman and the best Grandmother anyone could ask for.  She cared for people so deeply and tried to help anyone and everyone she could.  She passed away this past Friday morning in her sleep.  Her standard of living was going down considerably because of numerous health issues and she is now in a better place and not in pain.  I'm so thankful to have had the opportunity to spend the past two weeks visiting with her and letting her know how much she is loved.  Most of the important people in her life had a chance to show her their love and admiration over the past few weeks.  Memorial services will be in Des Moines, Iowa next Monday.

I am currently back in Portland and have been working hard the past two days doing Skagen watch merchandising in the area.  I'm still looking for full time employment, but haven't been getting any luckier on that front lately.  On the positive side I'm super excited to have Julie coming for a visit this week.  She'll be here Wednesday morning and then leaving Sunday midday.  I will be flying out to Iowa at the same time.

My love and thoughts go out to my amazing parents.  I can only strive to be as good a son as they have been to their parents.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Family Time Back East

(My niece Victoria)

I've been back on the east coast all week spending time with the family.  My grandmother isn't doing so well and I've been spending time with my parents taking her to her medical appointments.  My other grandparents are doing quite well.  My sister and her new baby girl are also doing quite well.  I was supposed to fly back west today, but decided to stay through Saturday to spend some more time with the family.

I did get to catch up with my friends Justin and Sarah on Saturday as well as the Edelstein's.  We had a great afternoon out on the water wakeboarding.  Beautiful weather, warm water, and good friends made for a really great time.  I also caught up with my old high school friend Jacklyn over a nice dinner.  Helene and I also got to catch up over dinner tonight.

Julie spent this past weekend in Maui with her friend Liz.  They had a great time and got to see an amazing sunrise.  I'm looking forward to Julie coming to Portland for a visit a week from Wednesday.

(Victoria & I enjoying some time at my parent's place)
(My Sister Nicole with her new baby Victoria & my Mom's Mom, Loraine)
(My Father's parents, Marilyn & Ken, and I)
(Dick, my Mom's Dad, and I)
(Justin driving the Edelstein's wakeboard boat)
(Me being goofy for the camera)
(Airing it out with a stylish grab)

Monday, October 6, 2008

Marathons & More Flights

Well I managed to get a few of my goals for last week completed at least.  I got the Google job, but won't start for a week or so.  I also did two Phix demos that went well.  Most of the week I was just taking it easy trying to rest up for the Portland Marathon.  I got two 5 mile runs in early in the week and managed to get some solid shin pain in my left leg and knee pain in my right.  I also had a major kink in my neck all week from the beating I took in my surf kayak last weekend.  One way I took it easy was by playing some poker at the local casino.  I managed to go home with a few hundred in profit both times I played.

I managed to run a 3:59:47 marathon, just under my 4 hr goal:)  It rained the whole race and never got over 50 something degrees.  I was running a 3:45 marathon until about mile 17 when I backed off a bit.  At mile 21 my legs started to completely seize and cramp up.  I ended up walking a few times because my legs wouldn't bend far enough to get a running stride.  At about the 25 mile marker it started to rain harder and the 4 hr pacer passed me.  At that point I just put the pain aside and told myself that I wasn't going to let my 4 hr goal slip through in the last mile or so.  I ended up sprinting that last 1.2 miles and finished a few hundred feet in front of the 4 hr pacer.  My legs are completely broken today, but hopefully with some rest and ice they will recover quickly:)

Today I flew back to Maryland to visit with family and see some friends.  I'm looking forward to visiting my Grandparents and seeing my niece, Victoria Ariana.  I'll be flying back to Portland next Monday.

I'm still working on plans for the future.  A solid career is still one of my primary focuses, and still not happening very fast:(  I am very much looking forward to a visit from Julie in a few weeks in Portland.