Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Surfing & Paragliding

On Thursday Julie and I had the day off and went exploring on the North Shore.  Julie also passed the drivers test and got her HI liscense.  We spent an hour or so surfing 6-8ft swell in Haleiwa.  Julie and I both took our beatings, but also got some great rides.
(A very good longboarder surfing at Haleiwa)

Paragliding off Makapuu point was the big excitment for the week.  Aaron made arrangements for the three male housemates to get tandem rides with some of his buddies friends.  It wasn't cheap, but we got a good deal and had an absolute blast.  All our pilots were very proffessional and really cool guys.  They were also kiteboarders, which made it really easy for me to relate with them.
(Aaron just after launching off the cliffs above Makapuu)
(It was a beatifull day and there were a lot of pilots out flying)
(Aaron enjoying some acrobatics with his pilot Jorge)
(Derek & his pilot Dave preparing to launch)
(Derek taking flight)
(Derek soaring over the ocean just after takeoff)
(Derek and I launched just below the road where it takes the 90 degree right turn.  Aaron launched from the first plateau on the island side of the road by the turn.)
(I was flying high above Derek as we flew over the beach, yes those are people on the beach!)

Juile and I are both still working really hard to make ends meet.  Between fuel and food prices things have gotten really expensive here in HI, but I guess everyone is dealing with these issues rite now.  We are really excited about having Heather and her friend Erin come into town this Thursday.  We have a big party planned Saturday night and the Land Rover Wheels event is on Sunday.  Stay tuned...

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