Friday, February 5, 2010

A New Year, A New Perspective

Ringing in the new year was a bit on the anti-climatic side this year.  Julie was still back East with her family and Portland was producing rain, not snow.  I ended up watching Avatar in 3D and chilling at home thinking about the year to come.  The conclusions that I came to for 2010:  I need to find a way to get healthy (Improve Diet, Exercise More, & Take Care of My Injured Back), I need to have a more positive attitude (I tend to be a bit o a grouch and this attitude only causes me trouble.), I need to figure out and improve some of my relationships with others (step one: Be More Positive),  I need to find some finacial stability (Both paying off my business loan and finding a way to finance my prefered way of life in the future.), and last but not least I need to take more time to travel and experience new things (as this is how I thrive).  I know these are lofty goals and require big changes, but as 30 years of life approaches in 2010, it is time to step up and make life happen the way I want it to happen.

Julie is back working hard in grad school.  She is teaching full time now at a local High School, teaching both english and theater classes.  Besides a full time teaching job and graduate classes she is also paddling on a dragon boat team, paddling on an OC-6 team, going to Cross-Fit twice a week, and trying to squeeze in time for climbing, skiing, and the rest of life.

I also wanted to take a second and appreciate some good friends.  Congradulations to Justin and Sarah for getting engaged.  Congradulations to Marie for getting married and soon to be a wonderful Mom. Congradulations to Cory and Brook for having twin boys at home with them.  Congradulations to Three and Lauren for getting engaged to be married in July.  Congradulations to Nicole, my sister, for working to improve life for her and her amazing little daughter Victoria.

I also want to send heart felt thoughts to those that will be missed and those that will miss them.  Brianna and Mark, you guys are amazing and have been so strong through these rough times.  Stay strong and keep being you.

I'm looking for new opportuinites and new adventures.  Please pass on all of the above.  Please also stay in touch and have a happy and healthy 2010.  Hopefully we can find some time to spend together this year, on a new adventure, somewhere:)
(This is the "New New" Paddle Sports Center.  A really big wide open space with tons of potential.  We have our own parking and great visability on a high traffic street.  Work has been keeping me VERY busy lately, with only more busy times to come.)

(This is the WW and Used Gear room in the "New New" Paddlesports Center.  It is still under construction, but is going to be a really cool part of the new shop.)
(This is a really fun drop on the North Fork of the Clackamas.  It is pretty intimidating, but is a ton of fun to run.)
(This is how you style the drop!  It was a huge high to hit this line so perfectly and get a huge boof at the bottom.  I can't explain how good it feels to fly through the air, land past the hole in the airated water, and plane away from the drop.)
(I've been getting up to the mountain as often as I can.  I've dedicated myself to skiing this year and getting better with each trip up.  I've snowboarded once this season and skied 9 times, so far.)
(Enjoying PDX: good local live music, quality dark micro brew, and a stylin' hat.) 

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Laura said...

You haven't updated your blog in forever!! How am I supposed to keep up with your life if you don't update your blog???


Hope you are well and we'll get to hang out one of these days,