Saturday, May 1, 2010

Julie's Graduation Weekend

(Julie glowing after her graduation ceremony.  She now has a masters degree in Teaching!)

Today Julie graduated with a masters in Teaching.  She worked really hard for the past year to accomplish this goal and did so with flying colors, a 4.0 GPA!!!  She flys off to visit friends in San Fran this week and then she flys back to MD to spend the summer teaching windsurfing at Ultimate Watersports and spending time with her family.

The past few days have been fun.  I got an extremely beautiful day of creeking in on Opal creek in Central Oregon.  I'll let the photos below speak for themselves.  Do also check out another story with more photos about this trip at: .  Julie and I also did an amazing waterfall hike yesterday in Silver Falls State Park, the Trail of 10 Falls.

(Luke winding up for a huge boof.)
(Luke airing it out on a fun little class III rapid.)
(Luke stylin Big Ugly.  Check out the amazing scenery!)
(Luke scouting Big Fluffy.)
(Luke entering the class IV lead in rapid to Big Fluffy.)
(Luke having what turned out to be an "all good" line on Big Fluffy.)
(Me stomping a fat boof and a crazy soft landing on Big Fluffy!  Photo courtesy of Brian Schulz.)
(Luke having fun on the lead in to Thor's Playground.)
(Brian entering the final drop of the run.  Crystal clear water, amazing greenery and cool rock formations all make this run special.)

(North Falls 136 ft)
(Amazing cave/trail behind North Falls.)
(Twin Falls 31 ft)
(Middle North Falls 106 ft)
(Drake Falls 27 ft)
(Double Falls 178 ft, as seen on sign:))
(Lower North Falls 30 ft)
(Lower South Falls 93 ft)
(Julie behind Lower South Falls)
(South Falls 177 ft)
(Julie running through the updraft of spray created by South Falls.)
(The lip of South Falls.  Not good for kayaking!)
(Monkey Business!)
(Winter Falls 134 ft)
(Upper North Falls 65 ft)

(You can see Julie's big smiling face in the top center of this sea of graduates.)
(Julie being "hooded".)
(Julie with her school advisor.)

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