Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Slack Line & Time

(Bryon having some fun on the new slack line in the front yard, and no I'm not falling.)

It has been a relatively uneventful week.
Julie hasn't had to paint any canoes, as the company was loading a shipping container for the mainland all week. She has been thourghly enjoying her outrigger canoe team practices and has been pretty good about exercising on a regular basis.

(Julie giving the slack line a try, with a little "support".)

I've been plugging along at work, as things have slowed to a crawl in the car industry. I've also been okay about getting back in shape, as I've run a few times this week. Luckily the wind has picked up and I've been out kiteboarding a bunch. On Sunday I spent the entire day at the beach riding when the winds were good, as it was all over the place all day. I did get a horrible sunburn on my face, eyes, and lips, even though I used sunscreen. When I did get out and rode I had a blast and worked hard on controlled jumps. I managed a few really nice 15 ft airs with controled landings. I also did have a few wipe outs and managed to land on a blue bottle jelly fish on one crash landing. My hand burned for about 24 hrs. I also got a chance to ride a strapped surfboard while kiting on Sunday and I think one of those is going to be my next purchase. The best was this morning when I woke up hearing the wind hitting the house. I got up at 5:30 and went out riding. I was the only one out on the water and enjoyed a beatiful sunrise as I surfed the big surf. It was a great way to start another slow day at work.

Julie and I fly to Las Vegas late Friday night to meet up with my parents on Saturday. A week away from work, some quality time with the family and the poker tables should be fun:)

(Aaron set up the slack line and is seen here jumping onto the slack line.  He is pretty good.)

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