Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Finally Traveling West!

It has been yet other long week.  I ended up taking the casino tour across the Midwest as I put in the westerly mileage.  I tried to kiteboard twice on this leg of the trip, both times on Lake Michigan, but got skunked with low wind on both days.  I did manage to get in a few runs, but slacked a few days since I didn't have access to a shower.  I tried to get a hotel in eastern Iowa, but all the rooms where booked due to all the flooding.  Really the only crazy thing I did all week was to sit in a single seat at a poker table for 31 hrs strait!  I didn't plan to sit there that long, but I was doing well and just kept playing.  I made some money, but probably not enough for 31 hrs worth of work:)
(Lake Michigan in the town of Muskegon.  These guys only had a 1/2 hr set on huge kites and boards.  The wind was only blowing about 10 knots.)
(This is the entrance to a river boat casino on Lake Michigan in Gary, Indiana.)
(The kiteboard launch on Lake Mcconaughy in western Nebraska.  Very cool spot, but again people were on 18+ meter kites and HUGE boards in order to use the lite wind.)

I'm in Denver, CO now and will be headed out to other part of CO later today.  I got to catch up with my friends Gary and Christie Mullins here and they were nice enough to take me in for a few nights.  Gary and I also got a chance to get out boating last night at the Lawson Hole.  This is a great playspot, but brings back some painful memories for me.  This is the last place I paddled in CO, as it is where I injured my shoulder 2 yrs ago.  This session was full of cold water and frustrating rides, due to my rusty paddling skills, but no carnage.
(The beautiful sunset over the Rockies as I entered into Colorado.)
(Me cartwheeling in the Lawson Hole.)
(Me getting a front loop to work at Lawson.)

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