Monday, July 28, 2008


I'm currently still in Reno and really don't know when or where I'm headed next.  I don't even know where I'll stay tonight:)  I've been in Reno all week, basically having a full time job playing poker.  I've done quite well, but the last few days where a bit rough.  The weather here has been crazy hot and there has been tons of crap in the air due to the wildfires in CA.  I tried running inside and out and my body just dosen't like the air.  My asthma and allergies are beating me up more than they have in many many years.  I'm taking today to take care of chores: laundry, emails, job searches, oil change, car trunk fix, and updating this blog.  I'm also hoping to get out kiteboarding on a local lake later today.

The Devol's, my Mom's parents, are having a few health issues rite now.  Please keep them in your thoughts and prayers.

This should be an interesting week.  I have a feeling by this time next week I'll be someplace very different:)  Probably Hood River or Salt Lake City.  We'll see how things pan out.

Sorry for not having any photos.  The smoke outside prevented me from taking any outside interesting photos and I'm sure you all know what the inside of a casino looks like.

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