Monday, February 2, 2009

Oregon Life Returns

(Big chaotic waves rolling into Indian Beach the day Joe and I went for a surf kayak.)

There is not too much new to report.  I've settled back into life in Oregon with the normal job search, running, and online Google work.  The only big news is that I finally got back on the ski slopes for a night of snowboarding, after almost 2yrs of not playing in the snow!  Joe and I met up for some night skiing at Mt. Hood Meadows last Sunday.  The conditions were fair at best, but I had a blast in the 12 degree and flurries.  I've been out surf kayaking twice.  Once with Joe on a big day that had us both completely worn out in under 2 hrs.  The second time was with Mike and it was a beautiful day out on the water, but the waves were quite poor.  Mike did manage to have THE one HUGE (like 9+ ft. face) wave of the day land directly on his head.  I've also been out running a bunch and keeping track of the data with my new Garmin 305.  I got out trail running this past Sunday morning with a local trail running group, Trail Factor, and put in 14+ miles on the trails in Forest Park.  I will be joining this group for some more runs in the future for sure.  Sunday afternoon I attended a Super Bowl party at Mike's house and had a great time.  The game and commercials were both entertaining this year and the food was good, especially the fried turkey!  I also managed to win the betting pool for the evening, netting a whopping $14:)  Sunday was a good full day.

I'm hoping to get a job locally in the next few weeks, hopefully in the outdoor industry, and start searching for an apartment for Julie and I to move into in the next few months.  Julie sent in her grad school application today to Portland University and is looking into becoming an English teacher for grades 6-12.  Things are very much up in the air at the moment, but if Julie and I can get jobs in PDX and she can get into grad school here things will fall into place.  I do realize that there are a lot of conditions there, but I'm trying to be optimistic:)

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