Sunday, March 29, 2009

My Next Adventure

Life is crazy sometimes.  Rite now I'm in the middle of working 12+ hr days; working some big events at Next Adventure, merchandising for Skagen, and moving into a new apartment.

Julie was in town last week for a few days looking at apartment with me.  We ended up with a 750 sq. ft. apt. in a four-plex built in 1929 very close in to the city.  The exterior is all new and looks nice, but the interior is showing its age.  The hardwood floors are nice and the layout isn't bad.  I'll let Julie complain about the kitchen later:)  There is a large storage unit in the basement and we have a garage!!!  I'm very excited to have a place to put all my toys, otherwise we would have to live with 7+ kayaks in our living room:)

So obviously the big move is the big news.  Julie is still working on her plans in Portland, but she knows she has some time to find something that she will enjoy and my full support to do so.  I'm taking the red eye on the 8th back to Baltimore in order to spend a few days with the family and friends before driving cross country with our things on the 13th.  Big adventures lie ahead.  Please stay in touch.

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