Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Dec. '10 & Jan. '11 Update

Once again life has kept me way too busy and I haven't gotten around to updating this blog.  Lots of snow and rain have made for some killar days on both the slopes and rivers.  Also got to spend some time with Julie over New Year's this year which was a fun last minute deal.  Work at Next Adventure has not let up and the winter has been really busy at the Paddle Sports Center.

(Hoffstadt Creek was quite a mission.  Check out the video for all the details.)
(Dan Lahan running Gnargasm on Hoffstadt Creek.)
(Me having some blunt tastic fun on the Washugal Wave.)
(Trip Jennings boofing into Crack in the Earth on Hagen Gorge.)
(Tried to watch the lunar eclipse with Maren from Skyline drive overlooking PDX, but the clouds and rain made that hard.  Cool view of PDX though!)
(A little Holiday fun at Next Adventure)
(Dan Devine and I ready to shred the gnar gnar on X-Mas under bluebird skies at Meadows.)
(Julie came out for a New Year's visit and enjoyed some time at the coast on Jan. 1 and some skiing at Ski Bowl late on New Year's eve.)
("Kooks Go Home".  That about sums up the OR surfer attitude.  Sad really.)
(Local surfer killing it at the secret OR coast surf spot.  Conditions where a bit ugly for surf kayaking.)
(Perfect waves at a secret outside point break in OR.)
(Julie at the super-duper secret third outside point break.)
(Finally got a trip down the Little White.  At 3.6ft on the bottom gauge this run is everything everyone says it is.  Can't wait to get back in there!  This is a shot of Lane Jacobs and crew trying to remove the wood from Island Rapid.)
(Photo of me by Joe at the Washugal Wave.)
(Sick level at the Washugal wave forced Joe and I to surf into the darkness.)
(Me boofing fun drop on the Little Klickitat, a run that very rarely has enough water to kayak.  Fun crew and a fun continous class 4 river.  Photo by Heather Herbeck.)
(This is a shot I thought I'd never see, Canyon Creek without a log jam!  I managed to get in thier for the first post log jam descent.  Really solid crew and a beefy fun level, 1250 cfs.)
(Dave Hoffman eyeing up his boof stroke on Kahuna Falls on Canyon Creek.)
(Took a fun road trip out to the Deschutes area with Joe and Rachel for some fun high water playboating. Had to stop at Celestial Falls and check it out on the way.  WAY to much water to run on this day.)
(Joe surfing the Tressel Wave.)
(Joe finding the sweet spot on Tressel wave.)
(Joe going big on the Conastoga wave.)
(The NA display at the PDX car show.  Good fun and good showing with only a few days notice that we would be displaying at the show.)
(Also had a great display aournd the BMW motorcyle display at the show.  Good crew and sick bikes.)


Luke Spencer said...

Great Photos!I look forward to more adventures soon and kickn your ass in the Creek Comp (hurt backs and all)!

Laura said...

thank god for another post! keep 'em coming, dude... its the only way i can keep up with you!!