Friday, January 21, 2011

Update 3: Sept.-Nov. 2010

 (Luke overlooking the surf at Pacific City.  I've been getting to the coast a good bit, but not finding much good surf.  This day was marginal at best.)
(Gerry Lopez on his SUP just shredding the waves apart at Pacific City!)
(The OR coast is a rugged and majestic place.)
(This is a creek that never flows just outside PDX.  They where draining the lake for a pipe replacement project and the creek was running for probably the only time in over 100 yrs.  This one drop was by far the biggest and most fun on the run.)

(The locals didn't know what to think about a bunch of kayakers in their back yards.  Luckily we had every right to be there and the cops where way cool about it.)
(The scene around the judges booth at the Hobuck Hodown surf kayak competition.  Very fun comp at the western most point of the contigious US on an Indian reservation.  My first surf kayak competition.)
(Luke and I got the same heat in the comp.  He managed a win and I ended up in dead last.  Had some great rides, like this one, but also got an interference penalty on the best wave of the day, which Luke happened to be surfing.  Big thanks to Rob Avery for letting Luke and I borrow some high performance Valley surf kayaks.  Photo: Tommy Sly)
 (I made a trip back East for Thanksgiving and went straight from the plane to Great Falls.  It was for climbing on this day, which was odd since I'm always there with a kayk!  On the first rappel I managed to remove a few knuckles.)
(The whole family was around this year for Thanksgiving and it was really good to see everyone.)
 (I did get a day of paddling on Great Falls with my good friend Bobby "The Dogg" Miller and Shawn Devine.  This is a shot of Bobby running the left side of horseshoe on the MD lines of the falls.)
(This is Bobby running the right line at the Spout on the VA lines of the falls.)
(This is me airing out the right line at the Spout.  This was my first time running this line and I styled it!  So much fun!!!  I really miss having the falls around to paddle all the time.)

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Doreen Murgatroyd said...

Enjoyed your post and the photographs. You seemed to have been in the right spot at the right time to catch that 1 in a 100 year ride on that creek.