Tuesday, February 19, 2008


(Valentines Day)
-Julie's Words-
Bryon surprised me with an amazing valentines day.  Everything was a secret.  First he gave me a very classy reading lamp for our room.  Then we went on this hike of Kahana Valley in Kahana State Park.  It was very steep and scrambly and what I didn't know was that Bryon was carrying a bottle of wine, wineglasses, cheese and crackers the whole way!  After lingering at the top, checking out the spectacular view, for awhile.   I was whisked off to our next stop, which was watching a romantic movie that just came out, "Fools Gold".   Finally he took me out to dinner at a Thai restaraunt I had been wanting to try.   I thought this was especially thoughtful because Thai is not his favorite.  He topped it all off with some chocolates.  You know how I feel about chocolates!  He totally blew me away with this romantic series of events.  Do I have the best boyfriend ever?  I think so.   Hope you had a great Valentines day as well!   

(The summit spread.)
(Julie enjoying the refreshments.)
(The ridge down the center of the photo is what the trail follows.)
-Bryon's Words-
The trail we hiked is called the Pu'u Piei.  It gains 1,700 ft in just over a mile and involves a lot of scrambling through the dense vegitation.  A slow week besides our very busy Valentines day.  Julie was sick for most of the week, and then passed it on to me:(  This post is a day late because I felt awful last night and had to get to bed.  Hopefully everyone else is feeling well and staying healthy. Peace...

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