Sunday, August 3, 2008

Cali Kayaking

This past week has been relatively uneventful with the many things that I'm working on in life.  I did manage to give back a bunch of money to the casinos.  I also got out to Washoe lake once for a little kiteboarding, but the winds where a bit crazy.  The good news is that I got to get out on the river 4 days this week with my good friend from back east Stephen Wright.  We park and played at Barking Dog, ran the Chili Bar run, ran the Gorge section of the S. Fork of the American, and ran the Ramsey Run section of Hells Kitchen.  Barking Dog was fun play and Stephen was showing the locals how to go absolutely huge in a relatively small spot.  The Chili Bar run was stunningly beautiful, but very easy and the play wasn't all that good.  The Gorge section was a blast with tons of little boofs and fun moves to make.  The Ramsey Run section was solid class 5 and was the most beautiful by far with huge granite domes and giant sequioa trees surrounding the river.  It was a blast to be back in my creek boat running the gnar:)
(A cool kiteboard spot about 25 min. south of Reno.  The wind here is crazy gusty.  When I was out I was riding in 9-30!!!  A bit scary to say the least.)
(Lake Washoe kite scene.)
(Stephen Wright going huge, as usual, at the Barking Dog playspot on the S. Fork of the American River.)
(Giant sequoia trees with Jessica, Stephen's girlfriend, and my paddling rigs.)
(Packing the boat for the 1/2 mile bushwhack down to the Ramsey Run.)
(One of the first drops on the Ramsey Run.)
(Stephen getting a nice big boof on one of the many manky rapids on the Ramsey Run.)
(Me dropping into one of the many beautiful granite gorges.)
(Stephen boofing into and styling the big drop on the run.  I walked this one today, but I'll be back.)
(Stephen using the rock to style this little chute.)
(Me helping out a fellow paddler on the river recover his boat after a swim.)

I'm now out in the middle of nowhere CA and looking for some more trouble to get into.  My only plan at the moment is to be at the OR show in SLC on Friday.  My grandparents health has improved, but please still keep them in your thoughts.  There is great news from Hawaii, Julie got 3rd in states for her outrigger canoe racing!  A BIG congrats to her on that amazing accomplishment.  Well, I have to find some cell service and a place to sleep tonight.  Keep in touch. Peace....

(All photos of me courtesy of Stephen Wright)

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Anonymous said...

You can do alot better than 1 day of kiteboarding and 4 days of kayaking and on just 1 tank of gas no less!!! :)