Monday, October 6, 2008

Marathons & More Flights

Well I managed to get a few of my goals for last week completed at least.  I got the Google job, but won't start for a week or so.  I also did two Phix demos that went well.  Most of the week I was just taking it easy trying to rest up for the Portland Marathon.  I got two 5 mile runs in early in the week and managed to get some solid shin pain in my left leg and knee pain in my right.  I also had a major kink in my neck all week from the beating I took in my surf kayak last weekend.  One way I took it easy was by playing some poker at the local casino.  I managed to go home with a few hundred in profit both times I played.

I managed to run a 3:59:47 marathon, just under my 4 hr goal:)  It rained the whole race and never got over 50 something degrees.  I was running a 3:45 marathon until about mile 17 when I backed off a bit.  At mile 21 my legs started to completely seize and cramp up.  I ended up walking a few times because my legs wouldn't bend far enough to get a running stride.  At about the 25 mile marker it started to rain harder and the 4 hr pacer passed me.  At that point I just put the pain aside and told myself that I wasn't going to let my 4 hr goal slip through in the last mile or so.  I ended up sprinting that last 1.2 miles and finished a few hundred feet in front of the 4 hr pacer.  My legs are completely broken today, but hopefully with some rest and ice they will recover quickly:)

Today I flew back to Maryland to visit with family and see some friends.  I'm looking forward to visiting my Grandparents and seeing my niece, Victoria Ariana.  I'll be flying back to Portland next Monday.

I'm still working on plans for the future.  A solid career is still one of my primary focuses, and still not happening very fast:(  I am very much looking forward to a visit from Julie in a few weeks in Portland.

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