Monday, October 13, 2008

Family Time Back East

(My niece Victoria)

I've been back on the east coast all week spending time with the family.  My grandmother isn't doing so well and I've been spending time with my parents taking her to her medical appointments.  My other grandparents are doing quite well.  My sister and her new baby girl are also doing quite well.  I was supposed to fly back west today, but decided to stay through Saturday to spend some more time with the family.

I did get to catch up with my friends Justin and Sarah on Saturday as well as the Edelstein's.  We had a great afternoon out on the water wakeboarding.  Beautiful weather, warm water, and good friends made for a really great time.  I also caught up with my old high school friend Jacklyn over a nice dinner.  Helene and I also got to catch up over dinner tonight.

Julie spent this past weekend in Maui with her friend Liz.  They had a great time and got to see an amazing sunrise.  I'm looking forward to Julie coming to Portland for a visit a week from Wednesday.

(Victoria & I enjoying some time at my parent's place)
(My Sister Nicole with her new baby Victoria & my Mom's Mom, Loraine)
(My Father's parents, Marilyn & Ken, and I)
(Dick, my Mom's Dad, and I)
(Justin driving the Edelstein's wakeboard boat)
(Me being goofy for the camera)
(Airing it out with a stylish grab)

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