Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Kona Winds and Heavy Rains

(An evening shot of Kailua Bay looking South towards the Mokalua Islands)

This week has been a bit strange.  The weather has been crazy with strong Kona, west, winds and big rain storms.  Between the winds and flooding we lost power on a number of occasions and the North Shore turned into an Island within an Island with no way in or out.  Julie and I did manage to squeeze one long day of adventures in with some surfing and hiking.  I put in a bunch of hours at Skagen and Julie did a lot of busy work as their weren't too many tours due to the weather.  I started my job at Land Rover today.  The commute, long hours, and new arena of sales are going to be a bit trying for a while, but it should pay off in the long run.  Please stay in touch and be sure to write comments on this blog, as they are funny and everyone can enjoy them together:)

(Julie and I had a great longboard session at this spot, called Cockroach Bay)
(The Light House at the South Eastern corner of Oahu)
(Julie at the top of the Light House hike overlooking Rabbit Island)

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