Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Work in Paradise

This has been another long week of job searching and crazy weather.  I went to a number of interviews and filled out countless applications, both online and in person.  I also put in a number of hours at my part time job for Skagen watches.  I have been selling for them at the Macys at Ala Moana mall as well as handling their merchandising at their two accounts here on the island.  The weather has been crazy here with temps in the 70's instead of the 80's, the winds have been extremely strong (but out of the west instead of the east), it has rained hard every day, and the surf on the North Shore has been EPIC!!!  Basically what all that means for Julie and I is that we can't go windsurfing or kiteboarding and surfing is out of the question.  I've been running a lot, but the heavy rains have slowed me down a bit.

The big news is that I got a full time job yesterday.  I will now be selling Land Rovers in Honolulu.  It is a commission based position that will require me to work 55 hrs a week and commute across the island 5 days a week.  This will be a big change for me, but I think I'm up for the task.  A part of me is actually looking forward to having a normal schedule and being able to put some money in the bank.  I have to do a drug test later today and then they need to run a background check, so I should start work sometime next week.
(The current Land Rover product range.)
(This the watch that Skagen is sending me for working for them.)
(This shot was taken atop the Pali Lookout- Purple: The house we stayed at on Marine Base Hawaii, Blue: Kailua Bay, Orange: Our new house)

Hopefully everyone is doing well back on the "mainland".  Please keep in touch.  Until next week...

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