Monday, September 29, 2008

Google Time

This week has been full of time on the computer in my new apartment near Portland.  I've been settling in and working on the normal things, finding a job and keeping up with friends and family.  I did manage to get out surf kayaking yesterday and had a blast as usual.  I've also been training hard for the Portland marathon coming up this weekend.  I think I'm ready for a sub 4 hr. marathon, but we'll see how it works out:)

On the work front not much has changed.  I've looked at a ton of things, sent out a few applications, and heard nothing back from the MANY applications that I still have out there.  I did start doing demos, just one so far, for Phix energy (  It should be a fun and easy side job.  I've also been working all week on a test for a job with Google as a web site rater.  It would be a solid part-time very flexable job that I could use to pay some bills each month.  I'll be working late to get it done by tomorrow morning's deadline and we'll see what happens from there.

Julie and I are still going strong and trying to figure out what the future holds for each of us independantly and together.  Julie's big news from yesterday is her completion of the Molokai outrigger canoe race!  This is a 40+ mile 6 man outrigger canoe race across the open ocean channel between Molokai and Oahu.  Julie worked really hard to accomplish this goal and had an amazing experience surrounding the race.

The family is having some crazy times to say the least.  My sister is in labor currently, I think?  I might be a uncle before the day is out.  My Grandma Devol is still in the hospital and on my mind all the time.  From what I hear her spirits have slightly improved, but physically she is still struggling.  Please keep her in your prayers and thoughts.  My Mom and Dad are amazing for handling all this chaos with such grace and composure.

My goals for this week are to: get the google job, schedule some Phix demos, run a sub 4 hr marathon, find a full time job, and take care of a ton of little things that I just haven't had time to take care of.  Wish me luck as this might be a tall order!

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