Monday, September 15, 2008

Still Working Hard to Find Work!

The headline tells most of the story.  I'm putting in most of every day trying to find a new career, or at least a descent job.  I have accepted a very part time position, like 12 hrs a month, doing merchandising for Skagen Watches in the Portland area.  This is the same position that I had with Skagen in HI.  I'm also working on a part time position with Google rating websites.  Other than that not much is happening on the job hunt side of things.

My Grandma Devol is having some more medical issues and I keep her in my thoughts everyday.  My parents are amazing and are dealing with a lot to make sure that their parents are having the best lives possible at this time.

The water is drying up fast around here and there hasn't been much in the way of whitewater to be had.  I got a low water run in on the Green Truss and hit up a dam release on the Tieton.  The winds have also been dead most of the week, and only blowing when I need to get work done:(  I have been running really hard though, trying to prepare for the Portland Marathon on Oct. 5th.  I feel pretty good about my speed and distances, but the marathon is going to hurt with the minimal time that I've had to prepare.  I'm shooting for a sub 4 hr marathon, anything below that will make me happy.

Joe and Rachel have been great hosts here in Hood River, but I don't want to overstay my welcome.  I'm working on finding a place to live in the Portland area, which will also hopefully get me closer to some job opportunities.  The commute to the kayaking and kiting will be a bit further, but I'll be closer to the job center and only a little over an hour from the coast.

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