Thursday, January 3, 2008

Parties and Explosions

Sorry for the late short post with no photos, but Julie and I have been busy with work and the crazy holidays.  Over the past week Julie's parents went back to MD, I sold a few cars, Julie taught a lot of windsurfing, we threw a huge pre-new years party, and enjoyed the war zone that is Oahu on New Years.

The big story was the crazy party that we threw at our place on Sunday night.  All the roommates invited their friends and cute acquaintances.  Julie also had a lot of her co-workers over for the festivities.  The festivities included full use of our extensive bar, darts, beer pong, foosball, live acoustic music, and our hot tub.  Overall it was tons of fun and put our huge party friendly house to good use.

Fireworks are very legal here in HI and everyone seems to love to put on their own huge displays for New Years.  The entire town of Kailua was enveloped in smoke, load explosions,  and bright flashing lights as soon as the sun went down and ended around 2 am.  It felt like a war zone, but one where everyone was laughing and having fun.  I found it to be a truly unique experience.

Hopefully 2008 is treating you all well.  I know that this year will hold big changes for many of you, as well as for myself.  Whatever the year holds for you be sure to stay healthy and live life to the fullest.

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