Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Strong Wind!!!

(Julie windsurfing, in the foreground with the white and blue sail.)

There really isn't much to report this week.  Julie was officially announced as the new windsurfing manager at KSK.  I worked hard with the very few clients that I got, and sold another Land Rover.

On Thursday there wasn't much wind, 9-11 knots.  Juile and I both tried to get a kiteboard session in, but no matter how much you worked the kite it just wouldn't give you enough power to get going on the board.  My kite needs at least 12 knots of wind to work, and has a range up to about 20 knots for a beginner like myself.  Sunday we got up early and got down to the beach as it was supposed to be windy, and it was!!!  It blew 25+ all day!  Julie managed to have a great windsurfing session, using a tiny sail (4.3) and a tiny board (103 liters).  I couldn't do much of anything as my kite was WAY to big for these conditions, and my windsurfing skills aren't up to par for these conditions either.  I guess I just need to buy another smaller kite:)  There is always more gear to buy!

I did enjoy a nice long run on the beach this morning.  Luckily the crazy rains all day held off until I was on my way to work.  Hopefully everyone had some kind of adventure this week and have stayed away from the flu that seems to be going around everywhere.  Please keep in touch.
(A picture of Kailua Bay with Flat Island in the foreground showing the huge wind swell.)

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